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Medium Brown Human Hair Toppers No Bangs for Women Thinning Hair

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LUCY LEE has been collecting customer feedback on our hair topper. We often face that some customers will like our products very much, and some customers will not like our products. But it is also because of these good and bad reviews that encourage us to retain the advantages of the products, get rid of the shortcomings of the products, and continuously improve our quality.


A:Why is the hair topper I received thin and small?

Q:Because the hair topper is not a wig, people who have really understood the hair topper know that the hair topper is only an area that covers the hair loss, not the whole head.

Q: Why is the color of the actual product I received inconsistent with the photo?

A: Light and different monitors, the color of the actual product may be slightly different from the picture shown.

Q:What should I do if the hair topper looks unnatural?

A: The hair topper cannot be 100% integrated with the hair, only close to the fusion.First, You can wear it according to our wearing guide.

Second, If it's still not natural enough, LUCY LEE suggest you find a professional hairdresser, she will blend the hair topper with your hair to a large extent.

Besides, you can wear some small hair accessories in your hair to make it look more natural and perfect.


Two Style 

  1. Hair Topper With Bangs: suitable for top and frontal coverage ,and for those who want to modify the shape of the face.
  2. Hair Topper Without Bangs: mainly cover the top and side,less focus on backside.

The stages of hair loss can be classified by the amount of hair that you have lost.There are 3 stages of hair loss:

Beginning-small base

Progressive-medium or large base

Advanced-largest base or full wig

Reminder: In order to create the highest quality toppers to match your natural hair, each toppers is customized according to your need. The combination of virgin hair and handmade process allows our human hair toppers to perfectly blend with your natural hair. Before shipping to you, each of our products will be checked by our QC team, ensuring you can wear it instantly once it is delivered. 

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