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August 2020, LUCY LEE hair fashion was established with the supports of 29 years experienced wig manufacture line and high fashion hairstylist, following the hit of our star product highlight hair streaks,we have designed edgy popping clip-in hair , piano inspired hair extensions ,ming-qing skull cap and other accessories.

Overnight, our products have reached all over the world, became the go-to hair accessory brand of many celebrities and stylists.


As earthlings we crave for beautiful things since day 1 and would never stop the pursuit.

There aren't many things in this world that could deliver happiness within 30 seconds proudly we are one of them.The moment you put on our wig, a new image of yourself is born . We focus on taking your transition experience to the next level!

We are providing the most efficient way for girls to tidy up and model their hair with the best materials and craftsmanship!

20+ years hair Color Modulation Experience.

Vegan &Cruelty-free hair dye produced in Swiss and Korea.

We are sure that girls can still be pretty in a lazy way, and dress up whatever they like!