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Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes V2

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4 Steps to apply your eyelashes easily 

Step1   No make-up

Begin with a clean eyelid without make-up.

Step2  Take out the eyelash gently

Start from the outer edge of a lash, using a finger or a tweezer to take it out of the tray gently.

Step3 Place easily 

keep your eye half-close when gently applying the eyelash to your eyelid, and use a tweezer or finger to lightly press your lash to create a proper fit.

Step4 Remove and Store

To extend the life of lashes. Please store them in a tray to keep them neat when not in use.

4 Most asked questions about self-adhesive eyelashes 

How to apply the false eyelash?

LUCY LEE  reusable self-adhesive eyelash is easy to apply without glue within seconds. Please place the eyelash to your natural eyelid by beginning with the inner corner to the centre,  and then the outer corner of the eye. Bring you to brighten and big eyes within seconds. 

How to trim your eyelash to a proper fit?

Take out your false eyelash from the tray gently, you can trim excess if necessary. (Note: please do not touch the adhesive lash band, otherwise it may affect the stickiness of the band)

When is the Idea time to put on your eyelash?

The best time we suggest putting on the false eyelash is after washing your face without any skincare routine.

How to fix the adhesive of the lash band?

Just follow the two steps to fix the problem. First, use alcohol to clean the band and then blow it with a hair dryer.

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