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LUCY LEE Exclusive Straight Fine Real Human Hair Toppers

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Net size: 3cm*8cm hand-woven hair seam
bangs hairstyle: middle part/part part
Material: 100% human hair
Weight: 32-34g (without clips)
Function: reduce age, cover white hair, can be dyed & bleached

About Human Hair Topper

LUCY LEE is a seller of hair products with more than 20 years of experience in the field of hair product manufacturing. We are providing high-quality products and services, from production to sales, we strictly choose each material to maintain our excellent quality, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Human silk base hair topper for women is now one of the convenient and quick way to get rid of embarrassment in crown without causing damage to your own hair. This product is suitable for that are bothered by thinning hair, gray hair,white hair or poor hair quality on top of head. It blends perfectly into your natural hair, so you never have to worry about your friends or clients finding your secret. The silk base is breathable and make you comfortable,just few minutes to wear it!Be a pretty and confident woman!


What is Silk Base

The process of making a silk base is far more complicated than making a normal lace base or mono base.It needs to be crocheted manually one stitch by one stitch.

The inner base is made of breanthable fabric to provide comfortable attachment.Hair is sew on the second layer and then goes through the silk base outside.This makes the wig as natural as possible and avoid shedding.This is why silk base is more expensive than lace base or mono base on the market.


The Stages of Hair Loss and Hair Density

The stages of hair loss can be classified by the amount of hair that you have lost.There are 3 stages of hair loss:

Beginning-small base

Progressive-medium or large base

Advanced-largest base or full wig

Different size silk base is suitable for different stage.Accoding to your actual situation,choose the suitable product you want.The recommendation above is only for reference.The final selection shall be subject to buyer's actual situation.

About Density:

Density can be understood as the thickness of hair.

It's not suitable for someone who indeed need a thick cover if having severe hair loss.Extra thick hair around the thinning spot may also need higher density topper.So please take a further consideration about your need.

Additionally,the topper mainly cover the top and side,less focus on the back.So it may not fit you if you need a back cover.


How to Wear

The first step into making your hair topper look as natural as possible is applying it to your natural hair correctly. These steps can help you understand how to easily put your hair topper into place.

Step 1: Clearly identify anterior-posterior direction. Detangle the hair with a wig comb.Open all clips on the underside of the topper.

Step 2: Place the front edge of the topper approximately 1-2 inches from the front of your hairline, positioning it over the area of hair loss, and secure the front clip.

Step 3: Place light pressure over the top of the hairpiece and run your fingers over the length of the base to secure the back clip.

Step 4: Style and blend hair as desired.


Tips to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural:

  1. Choose a Suitable Color--According to a color chart to purchase the color that appears to be closest to your natural color.
  2. Remove the Shine-- Wash the hair topper before use, remember that it may take a couple of washes to completely remove the shine.
  3. Trim It-- Trimmed to match your hair length and style will help it blend into your natural hair the best.
  4. Blend It-- Take a few pieces of your natural hair out from under the lace or netting. Comb the hair up and over the front of your hair topper, blending the natural hair with the front of the topper hair.
  5. Dyed It--You can compare it with your natural color and then dye the topper or tone it to match your hair perfectly.
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