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[KOL Cooperation product, please do not order]

- No tape, no glue, no-sew, just position it over your hair like a headband.

- Taking less time for instantly thicker and longer hair without extra help.

- Sit on your head gently wedged on with an invisible transparent wire.

- Extremely comfortable in comparison to other types.

MATERIAL: Synthetic
STYLE: Curly
WEIGHT: 3.5-4.2oz
SIZE: About 14" 16" 18" 22"
COLOR: Golden Auburn
NOTE: Each color swatch or photo shown may vary due to different screen resolution settings on electronic devices. 


Invisible Halo Hair

Increase your hair volume dramatically, and the head shape is modified. Quickly style in 30 seconds, and it will look better instantly.

How To Apply

Q & A

Q1: Will it fall off?

A1: Please use small clips to firm it on both sides.

Q2: What if the fishing line breaks?

A2: Each of our products will send a spare fishing line that you could replace directly

Q3: Why do wigs are shedding

A3: Just as with natural hair, some shedding is normal, especially within the first couple of wears. Please use our hair care product to solve it.

Hair Length

Quick reference guide for your choice

Brand Story

Stunning in seconds

LUCY LEE is on a mission to provide quick, easy, and gentle hair styling solutions that revolutionize the hair and beauty industry.

With her unique ability to change hairstyle, color, and length in just 30 seconds, Lucy leads a fashion revolution – one head of hair at a time!

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